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Cupe 503 Library Collective Agreement

As the service for teens improves, more branches will work with the Teen Librarian to set up teen counselling groups. Teen Advisory Groups (TAGs) are created to ensure that the library is welcoming and relevant to teens. The tags were designed to better understand teen trends, encourage young people to read, provide youth with access to quality volunteer experiences, and directly involve adolescents in the planning and evaluation of library services for youth. Telephone library users can call their branch directly or call InfoService (613-580-2940), which provides customers with a number to get quick information in both official languages. If you want a copy of your collective agreement on paper, talk to your trustee. If you don`t know who your administrator is or how to contact your office, contact the CUPE office near you. Classes and school groups are invited to arrange tours. Book interviews and orientation tours for libraries are offered. Customers should contact their local branch to book tours. Collection Access works closely with Collection Development (CD) and Library Web Services and Systems (LWSS) to create and manage the catalogue.

The catalogue provides access and description of all items found in library collections. The Ottawa Public Library system consists of 33 sites: the main library, departmental branches and different levels of community-based agencies. Library services are also offered within city limits for municipalities that do not have a local location through mobile services. The library is the largest bilingual, French-English library in North America. This is reflected in collection, programs and services. Defines a public library and a public library board, including the powers and duties of the board of directors, and states that libraries cannot charge for access to the library or for certain essential services. A – ambience (the general feeling of the library, furnishings, design detail) The library offers pc workstations. Most are equipped with MS OfficeSuite, WordPerfect and Internet access.

The Online Reservation System (OBS) allows customers to book a filtered, unfiltered or zoomtext workstation in advance. Printing is available on all sites. Children under the age of 16 have filtered access, unless authorized by the parent or legal guardian. Information on the types of problems and queries that can be sent to CAS is included in each branch/department`s utility link. Please do not call, send emails or send requests directly to CAS employees. To report a problem or ask about library collections, send an e-mail to library collections. This email address can be accessed via Outlook`s address list. o A bibliographical dataset contains information that describes a specific title in the library collection in a machine-readable catalog data set (MARC). If it is not possible to find a set of bibliographic data via other library systems, a series of original data is created online in the Horizon cataloguing module. On ORDER Bibliographical records are data sets that are downloaded before titles are ordered by acquisition.

The catalogue indicates ON ORDER followed by the year in the numbering area of the bibliographical data set. ON ORDER`s bibliographical records are published when the title is received and sent from Acquisitions to Cataloguing. A loan service between the Ottawa Public Library (OPL), the Carleton University Library and the University of Ottawa Library Network allows library users aged 16 and over to register for a Sm@rtLibrary card in their local library and access other library collections.