Apr 08

Artist Agreement Letter

In the fashion industry, collaborations with other brands, celebrities and emerging artists are not new. Both parties are working on their logos and brand-protected designs to develop innovative common designs. However, the use of a logo and design already protected are movements that lie well below the belt. That is why the case was filed by Gucci against Guess. Luxury brand Gucci said Guess produced products with a registered logo, the iconic G logo and the green and red stripe pattern. This long-running feud between the two serious brands has finally come to an end after nearly a decade. The conflict between the brands was global. Gucci has filed complaints against Guess in three different courts around the world: Italy, France, China and Australia. Several trials may have cost Gucci a fortune, but they know what they want, and they`re on a roll to secure and protect their brands. The process has reached several conclusions.

Gucci won Guess in China and Australia, but it was a different story for both European countries. Regardless of that, Guess paid for the damages, but the financial agreement was adjusted by the court. The luxury brand`s claim for damages was more than $200 million, but the other party was only called upon to pay $4.7 million. Artists are one of the most creative people we can find if you look at their imaginative ability to come up with mind-blowing ideas. As global employment and work methods change, a large number of qualified people, including artists, are self-employed in determining their wages and work plans. For nearly forty years, artists and designers have been banking on the artist`s – Graphic Designer`s market for first-class corporate consulting. The 2013 artists and graphic designers market includes more than 1,700 contacts in the art market as well as articles for commercial success and interviews with top creative professionals. Continue reading for a 2013 AGDM article by marketing mentor Ilise Benun.

Here you can find useful information about ArtistsMarketOnline.com. As always, we recommend using the services of a lawyer for complex contractual agreements. 6) ORIGINAL ART: Original art remains the property of the artist, unless expressed in the agreement. The client is responsible for the return of the original art in intact condition within thirty (30) days of the first reproduction. 5) PAYMENT: Payment for finished work is due on receipt, net thirty (30) days.