Apr 08

Building Designer Engagement Agreement

(i) Out-of-control events: neither party is liable to the other party for losses caused by non-compliance with the terms of this agreement if such a failure is caused by causes not under its proper control, including, but not limited, fire, floods, riots, strike, war, restrictions and prohibitions, or any other act committed by parastatal governments or authorities or by serious injury or key personnel. b) Words that refer to the singular include the plural and vice versa; Words that refer to individuals or individuals as entities and vice versa; References to documents or agreements also mean that documents or arrangements are changed, reissued or replaced, and words indicating gender include all genders; I get my clients high quality brand creation and graphic design services such as brand suite design, illustrations, collateral marketing design, social media assets and packaging design. The specific services I will provide to you as part of the current commitment are presented in our offer. If several options have been defined, the specific services and services to be provided as part of the commitment will be the services and services you have selected. In the event of a dispute between the client and the designer and in the absence of an agreement within 14 days, the dispute may be referred to one of the parties to an arbitration procedure. If the parties do not agree on an arbitrator, each party may ask the Chair of the State Chapter of the Institute of Arbitrators Australia to appoint an arbitrator. The application must indicate that the nominee is not an employee of the customer or deformation or a person related to the plant under the contract. This clause is read and interpreted because its provisions are governed by the provisions of the Queensland Building Services Authority Act of 1991, as amended, and by all other statutes that contain provisions in this area. The parties to this agreement are Heidi Margaret Eiser, who acts as Heidi Lou Design (ABN 28 206 865 235) („Heidi Lou,“ „me,“ „I“) and the client featured in our offer („Customer,“ „She“).

This contract contains all the conditions that have been agreed between the parties and no other insurance or agreement applies, except for this one. An amendment to this contract applies only in writing and signed by both parties. The following documents constitute the client letter and are attached to this contract and are an integral part of the contract: – c) Amendment: Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, any modification or modification of this Agreement (. B, for example, changes to the services to be provided) are not valid unless it is signed in writing and signed by both parties, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement. 3. CLIENT ROLE 3.1 The client designates the client`s representative named in the „Offer – Commitment By Correspondence“ form as his representative, with the power to act on behalf of the Client for all purposes with respect to the purpose of this Contract. 3.2 If the client is not also the registered owner of a project website, the client guarantees that: a) the client has obtained the registered owner`s consent to GBD agents, staff and consultants who access the project website; and (b) the registered owner, if necessary, has permission from the GBD to perform the services (for example. B the consent of the registered owner may be required for the presentation of certified drawings to a city council).

3.3 The client must provide GBD, the client`s representative and/or other designated advisors for the project (as appropriate) in accordance with the instructions reasonably required by the GBD: (a) timely, accurate and regular instructions, including all client requirements, documents, briefings, information, reports and registrations of the project and services; b) Ask for answers to all those provided by GBD.